About Us:

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Recent News:

We are pleased to be producing the incredible Daniella Ganevva's latest Marimba album.

Recorded at a beautiful local church using our location rig and then edited, mixed and mastered back at Woodbury by Simon Allen.

One of our latest projects is being produced by Ross Simpson for Marie Curie's 'Mini Pots of Care' cancer fund.

Using session musicians and local kids to put together a fun and exiting song that will hopefully raise money for this wonderful cause.

Please click HERE to register and for more info.

Musical director & world renowned percussionist Mike Hamnett, is back at Woodbury editing the latest album he is putting together with his Hertfordshire Big Band.


Editing and mixing work continues for global music group Audio Network, who currently provide over 60,000 music tracks for use by major television, film and multimedia corporations, using some of the worlds best musicians and composers, recorded in some of the best studios including Air and Abbey Road!


Twitter Feed:

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