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Recent News:

Here at Woodbury, we take immense pride to be mixing several albums recorded at studios such as Abbey Road and Air Studios by world renowned composers including Paul Clarvis, Patrick Hawes, David Tobin & Jeff Meegan for  Audio Network.

Hollywood star 'Mila Kunis' was here at Woodbury Studios!
This was a voice over session for 'Meg' from 'Family Guy' with phone patch direct to the director in Los Angeles. Fox TV asked us to record no less than 6 episodes for the new series...which went very well indeed.

Kiss FM DJ Charlie Hedges returned to Woodbury with Harry Andrews (AKA Aevion) to produce new tunes using Ableton.


A.M. Sniper's new track "The Party Don't Stop" was mixed by us and is due to be released this month on iTunes
The old skool guitar parts were recorded here using a mini Marshall amp, a Suhr electric and our Neve 1073 pre. 


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