About Us:

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Recent News:

We are proud to announce our latest video production has reached 'NUMBER ONE' in the iTunes music video chart.

Put That Hoedown is a charity song released by Essex Young Farmers to raise money for Young Minds UK and the Farming Community Network.

This was shot on location at various Essex Farms and at the wonderful Abbey Road Studios.

Hollywood star 'Mila Kunis' was here at Woodbury Studios!
This was a voice over session for 'Meg' from 'Family Guy' with phone patch direct to the director in Los Angeles. Fox TV asked us to record no less than 6 episodes for the new series...which went very well indeed.

We are currently producing the music for another live production with performing arts school; Makin' Steps.


Editing and mixing work continues for global music group Audio Network, who currently provide over 60,000 music tracks for use by major television, film and multimedia corporations, using some of the worlds best musicians and composers.


Twitter Feed:

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